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Johnson 50hp seahorse oil leakage


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I have just purchased an older boat with a old 50hp 2 cyl Johnson 2 stroke. I noticed that when I trim up motor oil leaks between the where the leg bolts to the engine housing. Do I have big problem here? Any advice?

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Being a 2 stroke there's no sump for oil to leak from. (always look for the cheap & easy fix first)

First thing I would be looking for is oil laying around the engine area as in 2 stroke oil that has been spilt or just not burnt from the fuel & leaking from exhaust or around a loose spark plug.

give a good clean then run the motor to see if you can pinpoint where its coming from, you may have already got rid of the oil leak by doing so.

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I think you are correct as I it took me ages to get it stated as it flooded etc and I had disconnected fuel lines etc. Hopefully that's all it is as it does look like gear oil. It's seems thin and darker in colour

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