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Walsh Bay very quiet


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Hi guys

Yesterday (28/6/2014) I went to walsh bay in hunt of the elusive silver ghost. Wasn't my plan to go there because I was ment to go on the hobie this morning (29/6/2014) but soccer got in the way so we are going next weekend instead.

Anyway, got down to Walsh Bay at 5:10pm and set up. Try for yakkas, nothing, not even a pinkie let alone a bite. The current was pushing really hard out and the wind was blowing hard but lucky we were protected on the side of the wharf we were fishing on. I defrosed a cuttlefish to put out on my big rod which I whacked out for a jewwie. Then on my other big rod i put a whole pilli and dropped it strait down to the bottom then wound it up a few winds off the bottom then tide a balloon on and in about 5 minutes it was out 100m so I flipped the bail and set that rod down with the pilli near the bottom and waiting for the balloon to pop or pull away. Then I set out my gomoku with a prawn on then bottom about 20m from the wharf then started working the squid rod for 10mins, then 20, then 30 for nothing.

I check my big rod with the cuttle to bring it in only to seen it had been picked by pickers, put a new squid out and set that back out. Checked my other big rod with the balloon, bring it in to see the whole pilli still there not even picked at, set it out again with a bit of squid and pilli together. Check my gomoku and the prawns gone so I put out the trusty pilli tail and..... get nothing.

Then of course some newbies come down on the wharf and bang, first cast there into a little bream, 10minutes later they get another little bream. Oh how I curse beginners luck sometimes. Anyway, on with the squid fishing. Drop my white glow jig strait down and start jigging it and then wieght, then off, then he came back and up comes a big cuttlefish (big by walsh bay standered which is about 20cm hood length not botany bay standard). I try to lift it up onto the wharf, then, bam, as quick as it was on it was off. :ranting2:

About 30mins pass then my dad says he going to get his other jumper from the car and typiclly first drop as soon as he leaves I get a good arrow squid about 20cm hood length. While I'm taking care of him my gomoku strait down with a prawn goes off with a slowish kind off take because my drag was light. Picked up the rod, tightened the drag and striked, then he woke up, zzzzzzzzzzz on nearly locked drag. I knew he was gonna get me with a lighter drag but he still got me with a tight drag. I had no idea what it was but it was big.

Anyway, my dad comes back and it goes quiet again. Nothing after that so we left by 8:30 with just a squid.

It was very quiet and cold. I would recommend not going down there at night as it was fish less and cold.

Thanks for reading and sorry for long report.

Cheers thefisherman6784 :fishing1:

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