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fishing on the central coast.


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hey all, i love my fishing but havent had anytime recently to go fishing( been about 4 years) and i dusted off all the old berkley dropshot the SP bag.

so im heading out Land based tommorow. does anybody have any decent spots where you can catch fish from? im from wamberal,nsw

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your best bet would be ganged pillies of wamberal beach

there is usually a nice gutter running along the surf near the surf lifesaving club

try to go when a high tide meets sunrise or sunset

this time of year there is a high chance of salmon and tailor

or you could go terrigal beach near where the lagoon opens up to the sea

same tactics there as well

caught a couple salmon there last week

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Hey Dat,

I am from Wambie too. Don't do much land based but I reckon you would get something off wambie beach, I have always thought about giving it a go but have never done it. Let us know what you find.


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