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Heatons Hill


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Hi lads,

With this bad weather I have been getting my boat ready for when these bluefin tuna turn up.

I was looking at some old marks in my gps and i noticed that there is a sea mount near my Heatons Hill mark...

It got me thinking is my Heatons Hill mark wrong? Should it be directly over that 960 1094 circle on the map where it rises?


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You have answered your own question lol. Least I know not to get any marks off you.

haha im 99% sure my other marks are all correct, i hope so anyway.

Bill would be having a chuckle if he saw the mark on your GPS.

Anyone know the history as to when Heaton first fished there?



I bet he would! Some history would be great.

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I ran into a guy who worked for Fisheries a few years back. He told me his relative knew the guy who found it and that it was named after him (Heaton). I recall that he was registered on this site and occasionally writes for Modern Fishing Magazine. More info would be great.

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A long time ago when there was a fishing tackle shop called Bluefin sports, a man called Bill Heaton bought it.

He was the first person I ever spoke to who mentioned the hill.

Now my memory isn't that great but he may have told me he found it and named it after himself....

...or maybe he was pulling my gullible leg and the naming was co-incidental....

But I did believe it for a long time - perhaps someone else knows better ?


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I lost my gps marks about 3 months ago and got my marks for Heatons off the internet, I have the same mark as you have, we probably got them from the same place

the map is the money, however I do know that both Browns and Heatons usually fish better around it and not directly over it, the reason being if currents are hitting those mounds the upwelling that pushes the food up for the bait fish to feed on is usually a few miles away from the peaks, so the mark you have is probably not a bad one, it looks like that mark is a few miles off the actual mound

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