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Sydney Harbour - Samson fish, bream and trevally


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today i headed out for a fish on the harbour and heres how it went

got to drummoyne really late at around 11:30am and launched and headed for the harbour

got to my first spot at chinamans and got the burley going i got around five trevally all around 30cm the bite then stopped so we moved on

i tried for squid at cobelers beach but got nothing so moved on

next stop was sow and pigs reef anchored up and chucked in some cubes put out my line in 5 seconds im on it felt bigger than a trev it was taking a bit of drag and felt very much like a salmon but it wasn't it was a nice samson fish on 6lb it was only just hooked but we got it into the net it went 40cm we continued to catch alot of trevs ranging from 30-35cm and then i got a 28cm bream caught some more trevally and then i got a 32.5cm bream but it was gut hooked and bleeding i tried to swim it but it just didn't have the strength to swim away so i kept it i got around 10 more trevs and just before i left i got a 26cm bream

on the way home i saw some surface activity around the bangaroo their building they were most likely salmon but they would come up and go down very quickly we didn't get any and headed for home

we got back to drummoyne at 4:15pm

it was a great day and it was very calm hardly any wind we must of caught 30+ trevs let them all go

cheers sydenyfisher12 :fishing1:


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