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Poor dog ate my salted pillies. So funny!


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Like the title says I had some pilchards salting in a tub...about 2/3 of a kg block left over from my beach session. Anyhow it's been over 2 days and I was just going to put into small zip lock bags. Between me opening the garage and getting some bags the dog must have pushed off the plywood off the top just and he helped himself to about 4 or 5. I know I am cruel but I couldn't help but laugh out loud as he vomited 3 or 4 times to get them up. Not surprisingly he processed to drink plenty of water after that. I think he learnt his lesson.

He is fine by the way. My dog cannot be killed. He is tough.

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I can relate to this with my dog a few yrs back my dog found the 3 large mullet I had out and placed on top of the bbq.They were to be used in my crab pots that night but were consumed by my dog instead and not even a scale left :ranting2:

Well he was fine too and I think it was a10 points meal in his eyes.


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