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Got the shakes.


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I worked at a waterfront block in Drummoyne bay today. After work I fished from the pontoon with a few lures.

When I got nothing on the plastics, I changed to a cheapo blade.

After a few retrieves I got a solid hit and was on to something big.

I didn't rush it, let the drag do its job and after a few minutes I had sight of a good flattie, in the 70 cm range.

I had him on the surface, he made a few more dashes and I just let him wear himself out.

I didn't bring a net, so the plan was to lift him onto the pontoon by the 10lb leader.

He saw me coming and made a final dive and got away. The leader wore thru.

After a few nice words, and the thoughts of what could have been, the Shakes hit me.

I started laughing , and as hard as I tried I couldn't tie a knot to rig up again.

It's happen before, always after losing a big one ,especially when I get a look at it.

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The other night on my fish less session I was thinking I would rather have hits and not catch them the go no bites at all.

This report makes me reconsider that :)

Bad luck mate

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Mate I'm happy and strangely, more than if I landed him/ her (most likely )

It's still out there, there are nice fish in the Parramatta.

What gets me is how the loss can have a physical reaction like the shakes.

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I can completely relate! Especially to the random laughter and grinning. I just love the fact that I've hooked it! Especially when it's a great fish. Because it inspires confidence in the retrieve/lure/spot/time. That feeling is EXACTLY what keeps me comin back!

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Thanks Witha,

Almost got it right haha

I love the blades, they worked for me straight away.

This was a knockoff $7 ...it works.

I think in a way you get more from losing a fish like that,

What went wrong , what should I change,...remember the net..

But going fishless doesn't keep me up

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