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Solo success


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Headed down to the beaches to search for weed this morning.

I managed to find the good stuff, and thought I'd give narrabeen lake a go.

As the tide was running in the current looked to strong to fish. It must be a high tide spot.

I went back to the same place I fished with Hawkesbass last weekend.

Got the berley going, rigged up and managed to pull the hook on some nice fish,

before landing these two. The biggest went 37cm


The bite stopped around 3:30

PS how do you thread those little rubber float stoppers?



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Nice work on the blackfish and those rubber stoppers have a wire that you thread the mainline through and then pull the stopper onto the mainline

So simple..Thanks Stewy

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As swordy says, look at the picture.


Thanks Grandad

I knew it had to be a simple system, I had no directions.

I ended up tying on a hook and using that as a needle to thread it on.

That did some damage and it wouldn't stay put, so I tied a stopper knot including it.

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