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Blackfish with Howsy - Inner west


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Nice solid fish. Good going.

The bigger ones go hard, it's great fun.

Do you have any tips for keeping them on? I lost 5 for 2

Me and the wind have an understanding, We hate each other.


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Ryder change your hook size from No. 10 sneck to No. 8 or even No. 6.

I have lost a lot lately for the same reason because I picked up a pack of hooks size 10 by mistake from BCF the other day as I did not have my reading glasses on.

When I was using the bigger hooks size 8 a fortnight ago I was losing a lot less fish.

There is a lot of big male and female blackfish about now that have come into the harbour to spawn/breed and they are full of row, .

Small hooks are not suitable for this size fish. Try the bigger hooks for yourself and see the results.

The size 10's are alright for fishing the Georges River or Narabeen Lakes where there is a lot of small chats, and the fish size would be lucky to be 20cm-30cm.


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Hi all,

In my view the small hook "theory" is a myth - have a look at the mouth of a Blackfish, particularly the square mouth variety. They open up wide and are meant to open up wide because of the environment in which they feed. Have a look at them feeding on bridge piles and the like to get an idea.

Buy a packet or two of Mustad 540 in size 6 - they are super strong and you won't believe the size range of fish that you will catch, everything from the biggest to the absolute smallest.



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You won't lose too many fish with a size 6, mono and a decent blackfish rod and reel. When the big fish are around I stick with the Mustad 540 in a size 6, size 6 or 8 Daichi the rest of the time.


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