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With the leftover weed and berley, I went back the same spot as yesterday.

The wind had turned sw so it wasn't that protected.

I berleyed up and got zero, not one down.

I then tried Chiswick ferry wharf, for the same result.

I move over to Hunters Hill, same again berley berley no takers.

Getting cold and frustrated, I thought stuff this.

One last cast, and I chucked all the leftover berley and weed, packed my bag and about to wind in when

my float took a dive. After a short fight a 37 cm specimen was in the net.

I brought a tape measure with me, but left the phone in the car.

That kind of day

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Guest hawkesbass

They happen andrew just need too persist i will be going again next weekend for the blackfish let me know if your free

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I was tempted to fish Chiswick wharf myself today as the spot is well protected from south west wind. I perservered yesterday there, but my experience was the opposite to yours. First down was a 44cm fish that was caught in kelp.

I was fishing the wall to the left of the ferry wharf and had to walk around to the ferry wharf and pull the fish out of the kelp. A chap on the wharf raced around and got my landing net while it seemed an eternity that I was holding this monster.

We landed fish only to see that the hook was holding just inside eye socket and when strain on line stopped hook fell out. Fished all afternoon with that freezing cold westerly on my aching neck, and had two more downs , baited but no hook ups.

Poohbear came down and hour later than me and landed a 40cm then a 46cm fish with a long time between drinks. The fish here are travellers and all the berley in the world does not seem to hold them there. I had a bucket of chopped up weed to a bucket of sand in berley. The greenweed I was using was probably the best I've ever used.


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I saw someone on the wall today. He had something in the bag.

I stepped off the wharf onto one of those stabilisers.

The boat and ferry wash turned me off.

I really appreciate your advice.

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