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Help me catch some decent fish please


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Hi All,

I am new to the Shellharbour area and keen to learn bait more about how to target certain species. My 8yr old daughter loves to come fishing with me, but we rarely catch anything big enough we can keep.

Would like to learn to catch Flatties, Jewies, Snapper, Blackfish, large break, large Whiting, etc.

Your name: Kane
Your Location: Shellharbour, NSW
Fishing technique: Anything you're willing to teach me
Availability: can be anytime, but nights or weekends are best
Preferred location: Illawarra to Nowra
Provide your own gear? Yes
Provide your own boat? Not yet, but working on it!



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Hi Kane,

I'm not in the neighbourhood at present but am working towards moving back down in a few months. Hopefully i get some time between the switch to wet a line, if so i'll PM you.

If not then it'll be mainly night time fishing once i get set up down there.

Winter is probably the hardest time to take a kid fishing, cold temps and finicky fish makes for a grumpy kid :) Try Tallawarra Power Station, Mullet Creek (bit of a walk to get to the better snaggy spots) or Under Windang Bridge for Bream. They are usually fat and ready for spawning so if you find them they will give the kid some fun.

Bass Point is also another spot you can take the Kid, the rocks there provide Tailor, Bream and Blackfish this time of year. If you google map with satellite view you'll see the car park and a split between the rocks. To the left is the Tailor and Bream (stick to the left of the second white wash you see in the map) spot and to the right is the Blackfish spot (in between the 2 white washes).

The Tailor/Bream spot is a popular spot for Bonito and Kingfish during summer and is also a great drift for flathead if you had a boat :)

If rock fishing is a no go for the kid you can try Windang Caravan Park, there are little breakwalls set up along the shore there that provide blackfish, bream and whiting. Also if you are fishing a run out tide during the near sunset you can try spinning for tailor (undersize but fun).

Best of Luck


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Not in the area...

But lighter lines catch more fish, 3kg line is ideal for smaller species, make sure you've go your drag set so if a bigger model gives you some curry the line dosnt break.

Use burley. One of the most underused tools in fishing by beginners. Something that should be utilised every outing


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