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which spark plug


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hi i have a 1999 90 hp johnson the manual says champion QL78YC but i have heard champion are not the best plug and they are not stocked in most shops.when i look up the coversion to ngk from 2 different websits i get BPZ8HS-10 or BPR7HS but the plugs i have in at presant are BPR6H.in the ngk the r stands for resistor do i need that so my electronics dont get interference im little confused cheers peter

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Hi, the OIS system on your engine needs the QL78YC and as for most shops, can not comment on what you have found, but ALOT of E/J used this ignition back in the day so if they do not carry them-more fool them and in any industry you get good places and bad places-this industry tends to have more of the latter unfortunately.

You will "hear" all sorts of things on the internet and most things I "hear" are complete rubbish.



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