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Yankee Rod With Recoils


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Hiya people; have been eyeing off some new rods in the Cabellas online store; their new top range own label spinning rods with recoil guides and great alloy reel seet and cork butt arrangement. Probably go for the 7 footer/4-10lb line/1/8-5/8th casting weights/64 million modulous graphite, as a new allrounder for plastics, small metals and minnows. Considering Swoffa was saying merely adding recoil guides to a custom rod here in Oz ads $100 to the price, for all up price of approx $234 oz dollars there look pretty good. Anyone had experience of Cabellas own label rods?

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Ooops, sorry for the misquote :biggrin2: digger, besides didn't think I had to define your customs by brand as Millers are all you get isn't it! :1prop: And thanks for the info :thumbup: , now I'm not sure which to probably get. I hope Cabelas have their act together and provide an accurate rating for their rods; I hope the casting weights are accurate as I go for that more than line rating mostly anyway on light rods. chers Bombie

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