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Lowrance hds gen2 Go Free


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Hi Raiders. I've been looking into the lowrance hds gen 2 range and see they have a feature that allows you to connect a tablet as a second screen.

If I understand correctly this only works as a mirror of the main screen I. E. You can't have Plotter on the tablet and finder on the other.

My question is. Does the size of the base unit have any effect on the screen resolution?

I. E. If you connected an ipad to a 5" base would you effectively get the same output as connecting to a 9" or is the resolution limited to the match that of the base.

Hope this makes sense?



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Hi Steve, yes cool feature for all the Navico products. it is a mirror image so what is showing on the MFD is what the table will show. The resolution of the tablet will be the determining factor or what you see repeated there. Great value too at present with the HDS range getting added bonuses like free transducer and the bigger ones even get the structure scan thrown in at present. I am also doing my own combo packs with the Go- Free module featuring at heavily reduced pricing too while stocks last.



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