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Bate bay first timer


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Hey guys

All week I've been watching the weather all week and I had planned a trip out from the hacking into bate bay and drift for flatties! So thismorning I was up early planning to pull past macs bait bar around six then hit yowie bay ramp shortly after and I be off but I arrived at the bait shop at 545 and waited for him to open...... 645 ahhhh stuff it servo bait it is.

Anyways I get out In the bay and start a drift in 20 of water and not 2 mins later WACK 4 to 6 kg rod bent. And pulling hard run after run .. What is ?! A meter and a bit shark comes to the surface.. Not the flatties I was targeting ! I think a gummy?

Down goes a new set of baits and again it's barley hit the bottom and I pull up two flatties on my two hook set up.. Awesomeeeee! First flatty was 45 cm and the second 39 These were kept for my lunch when I get back.

For the next two hours I pulled in up to 15 flatties ranging from undersize 20 cm to 44 cm these all went back as I had caught my lunch already.

Awesome morning on the water and a great first trip outside!

Hopefully I can do it all again tomorrow ..

Cheers stanto




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You'r doing quite well to get onto fish first time in that area.

Let's hope you can repeat it tomorrow.

Cant beat the taste of fresh Flaties.

Well done.

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