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Downrigger set up


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We just bought dad a downrigger for Father's Day and now we are wondering where to position it. I got a few pictures of where we would like it I want to get some feed back from you guys. Also can some one give a picture of how you set up a down rigger. Thanks for any help guys


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i have thats exact same downrigger and i think the same boat

i set mine behind the end of the wind screen on the gunnel so if your with only two people and need to drive out from the rocks on a big fish the person driving can wind it up. i used the back rod holder that came with the boat and put the rod in it.

you want to put it at the back but i do the opposite by putting it behind the rod and it works really well and i have caught many kings

i should be able to find some photos later on

cheers sydneyfisher12

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