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Northern Beaches 13/9/14


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After reading all the reports about kings starting to arrive in numbers I thought I'd give it go. Picked up a tank of livies at west head and dropped them down the usual haunts off the beaches but couldnt even find rats. Kept going from spot to spot until we arrived at Long Reef. Still nothing wanted to livie so pulled out the snapper stick and started drifting some sp's. 30 minutes after the tide change i set the hooks in a good fish at the 50m mark. A few nice runs and I had my first decent snapper, and first snapper on soft plastics. Pulled up a nice morwong on bait and a few more snapper on the gulp as well. I was always skeptical about people saying they always got the big snapper on plastics even when fished right next to bait. Well today it that was proven to indeed be true.

Special thanks to Formosan for all the tips on snapper

Fish went 57cm


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