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Daybreak Session On Harbour Blackfish

Ron Howes

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Early start to get 3 hours of the run up South of Harbour, Fishing was frantic as berley had attracted schools of big harbour blackfish. Tried fishing with a 2kg 3 foot trace which was a no-no

trying to lift these monsters without a decent extension landing net and on my own (generated plenty of adrenalin). Lost more than I put in the keeper (with line snapping at knot of hook, expensive as hooks are $20 for fifty) or fish too big for this size nylon line, just could not hold them. I was using a new bamboo float that I made recently which worked exceptionally, First three bites, 3 fish. I ended up with 6 keepers in net, although I lost 4 out of keeper net when ferry wash pushed keeper up onto oysters on pillon and half hitch untied. A good lesson of not having too long a rope on keeper net. Some of these fish were well over 40 cm. All fish released at end of session. Hope to have another session tomorrow morning with a fellow fish raider. PS good Botany weed is now becoming available. Also there was a young chap fishing the wharf with white bread near me and he landed 3 x 34 cm bream and a blackfish at 33 cm.





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