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12 Mile Kings and a marlin!


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Headed out to the 12 Mile this morning about 8am. Had a mate in tow on his maiden off shore run in his new boat with his son, so showed him the way out.

When we got there it was a carpark. Counted about 17 boats all jigging madly, but not many hook-ups to be seen. Water was about 19 degrees and nothing much showing on the sounder.

Second drop and my son, James, says he has something on. Picked up just of the bottom. I wasn't really paying much attention as he was winding in and just saying there was some weight there. Then he yells out "Dad....drive" and I just have time to look out and see a big marlin break the surface and launch about half his body from the water. Was about 20m from us and only about 10m from a neighboring boat. Unfortunately it pirouetted perfectly to come down and cut straight through the leader. That was followed by the most full on torrent of cursing I have heard from James in all his 18 years.

The guys on the boat who saw it closest said it looked like a stripy, and I reckon from the glimpse I got it would have gone 120-140kg. It had a huge head on it. Amazing thing was that it took a jig at about 110m down, then must have swum almost straight up.

After that excitement we settled back and bagged 3 nice kings 75-78cm. Two of them in a double hook-up.

By 10:30 it was all quite, stayed till 12 (trawled around a bit to try and find our marlin again), then headed back to North Head - Bluefin Point to play with the salmon. Landed 3, lost a few more then headed home.

Pic attached of the days work....and yes, I like Aussie Salmon eating, so long as you take out the blood line flesh.

Tight lines all..........................


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