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Drought Breaking Weekend


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After a run of ducks that had gone 6 weeks, I think I was becoming a bad luck charm.

I headed out to the lower harbour, south side.

There was a guy already fishing the spot, I said 'G'Day and mind if I join you'.

Turned out to be Howsy. He already had about 4 in the bag.

The bite was pretty good, and I managed 6 fish and a few more pulled hooks

I kept 3 for dinner.

On Sunday I went back for more, Howsy was there again, and O J Sampson with his mate.

Howsy got a couple, and we could see big schools come thru near the surface, but they didn't


We pulled the pin around 12

With the leftover bait and berley I headed to the northside.

Having never fished the spot before I didn't have great expectation, but it wasn't long before my

first fish. The bite was pretty hot for a while, with pulled hooks and bust offs. I was getting more downs but couldn't set the hook.

Then I caught my first Surgeon. Sorry no picture, I put him back in.

That was followed by another Blackfish, more pulled hooks and misses


Pretty good weekend, and great to meet fellow Raiders who share the passion.



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Thanks mate.

It can be hit and miss.

I had a few zeros west of the bridge.

The fish weren't there. I think the winter visitors are leaving.

Thats why I went east.

Some of the schooled travellers were in the 50cm range

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