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Bottle and glass 14/9/14


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Went for a quick flick down at bottle and glass to make the most of a nice day.

Got down there around 3:30 or so and the tide was well on its way out. Burleyed up with some bread and straight away could see a fair shadow or two down close to the bottom.

Was using peeled prawns and salted pillies as bait unweighted, first few casts got hammered by little pickers (small trevs and sweep). After about 5-6 casts I finally got a prawn down close to the bottom, saw my line tighten up and struck as hard as I could. This thing went like a freight train - bare in mind I'm using 6lb fire line to 6lb FC leader - tussled with it for a good 4-5 minutes and at that stage had no idea what it was. Kept pulling in close to the rocks and ducking in underneath a ledge, had to risk free spooling twice just in order to get the thing out. Anyway 10 mins go's by and I finally have this thing on the surface - a cracking drummer! Have caught some smaller models here before but didnt expect one this large to be lurking around. Got him up and he went 42cm and a big round belly! PB for me, was stoked especially on the gear. Checked my leader and it was frayed right up and down, one more dive into the rocks and it would have been a done deal I think.

That was the highlight for what was only an hour long session, couple just legal trevs and rock cod looking things to finish.

Will post a pic when I can figure it out on my phone


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Nah you're right bud, complete rarity. Get a fair few blackies but rarely see a drummer.

All the better when u get a surprise catch - calm waters, high tide gone by and bright/sunny and on 6lb line....i would have been stoked.

i was on the rocks for 5 hours yesterday looking for drummer and got a doughnut other than plagues of sweeps and rock cod.

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