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etec 60 or 75 or tohatsu 70, or yamah 70


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Folks I have a heavy built hydrofield 4.65 centre console (bought second hand). Boat as standard with say 120 kilo outboard, myself-100kg, 50 litires of fuel and some fishing basics will weigh roughly 850 kgs. I figure that with a few kids and gear in the boat I will regularly push up and over the thousand kilo mark. I plan to boat at least 50 hours a year and obviously a lot more up towards the hundred area if it works out.

So at roughly a thousnd kilos, what would peole do with that sort of weight. Here is a price dilema. Right now I can get a brand new carby 70 tohatsu fitted for $6,700, a new etec 75 etec fitted for about 10,500. The yamaha 70 is about 10 grand fitted. The 60 etec I think is the most powerful 60 engine for getting weight up and going etc and that is about 9 grand fitted. My real issue here is do people think from their experience that 60 horses of etec are enough. Once up and going I would like to do around the 28-30mph area at wot. I am not interested in debates about whether, yamaha, etec, honda etc. is crap or otherwise, just reasonable opinions as to hole shot and torque delivery taking into consideration the type of boat and the weight being moved.

thanks for the replies folks.

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Hi mate,

I am sure Huey will reply by tomorrow morning. I have had nothing but two strokes and personally for performance I love them. I have had friends with four strokes but I like the punch.

I have had Mercs, Johnson, Yamaha and an E-tec.

The E-tec was the more modern one so of course I prefered that over the other models. From what you are telling me, 1000kgs, I would personally go for more than 60HP.

My E-tec 150 was fitted on a Tournament 2000. I thought the 150 wouldn't be enough. It pushed the boat with two people at 75km/h. Hole shot was awesome, was on the plane in seconds. I would of still wanted a 200 though :P

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Hi, as I said in your PM to me, no 60HP and I do not care what brand you could get would perform well on that rig-the boat is too heavy and has too much hull in the water due to its design. The carby 70HP's would do an OK job but are both small cc and being old tech will use the fuel. No clean tech 70HP would have enough grunt so as I said in the PM, the 75HP E-TEC punches above its weight and that is what I would fit. Just make sure whatever brand you fit the dealer knows what he is doing because old tech, new tech or any brand if not set-up, fuelled and propped right they can not perform as they should.



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