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Newport is awesome!

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From dirt to diamonds is the theme of this report. What a difference 2 days can make. Yesterday I fished Palm Beach and Newport in Pittwater and was dropping everything. I lost a big Occy, a sambo leapt out of the water and spat the hooks, 2 more good size fish spat the hooks and to make matters worse I was consistently blasted by the noise of the heavy machinery whilst the Ferry Wharf was being renovated. Annoyed and Irritated I fished the last 45 minutes before darkness at Newport. Here I caught a small snapper that was 2cm short of legal. I lost a good size Blue Swimmer crab just as I was about to net it and to cap off the day from hell my last capture was a 42cm Pike! The skunk of the ocean. Needless to say it went back.

Today was a complete turn around. At Newport in Pittwater I caught today a massive PB Trevally that went 49cm. Smashing my old PB by 8cm. It dove straight for structure and I was extremely fortunate to land this bruiser. The rest of the day was just as good. Although the thunder clouds were looming the rain held off for the most part. The afternoon was warm and comfortable until the north westerly kicked in about 5pm. I landed more quality fish. 2 Tailor, 34cm and the other 40cm. After that I was rewarded with a big healthy 60cm Flathead. I realised my I phone was flat so I kindly asked a gentleman at the Marina next door if he could take a photo of the big girl for me. He obliged and after a couple of quick photos the big mama went back to the sea. The photographer kindly sent me the photo of this big healthy fish. To top off a great day as the sunlight had almost totally disappeared I caught another 46cm Flathead. The grand total for the day was 5 quality fish, four of which were kept. Here are some photos for all of you to appreciate. Until next time tight lines.





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