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Botany bay - Tag team


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Good evening,

Me and my work colleague (Vendee) who is also a raider decided to hit up botany bay real early. Initially our first plan at foreshore drive boat ramp turned into donuts so we relocated to the break walls near the cooks for a chance at some mean thumpers on SP.

Vendee drew first blood on a pinkie which was promptly released, after an hour or two of talking and joking around that the bay is dead my sp was suddenly and violently pulled during a slow retrieve. 5 Minutes later we had a nice fat flatty on the breakwall, team effort as my colleague used the landing net. We moved to the edge of the break wall facing the airport and on the second cast I felt a sharp tug which prompted me to strike. Initially I joked that it gave up and started laughing as I started to haul it in but as it came closer to the shore it dived for the submerged structures, refusing to yield I ended up like mario kart with the bruiser steering it away from structure for at least 10 minutes.

When I brought the bruiser closer for the 4th time I opted to lock the drag and finish the fight (it was clearly weakened by then but still fought hard) whilst steering it into old mate's net. All in all today was a team effort, I didn't catch the fish - We caught the fish! :)

Any raider is welcome to join our shenanigans as we fish weekly. :)



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Excellent work guys haha love the team spirit! Good catch from the break wall had my first ever trev near there and they do go hard! I fish the cooks regularly see if i can team up with you for some of those shenanigans :)

Drop me a PM anytime mate! We also do jew sessions in the cooks and tomorrow morning we're going to probe some of the deep ditches we managed to locate. :)

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Thanks guys, yeah I'm very big on safety whether it's a breakwall or on the rocks. A fish isn't worth a human life and falling into a deep drop with a fast moving current is an avoidable tragedy! Yeah the gen black(2-6kg) flicks like a dream and has the power to stop a swimming brick. :D

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