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New rod for flatties


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Hi there. I'm in the market for a new rod, preferably 6'10-7' long gonna use 10lb braid jighead 1/4 oz and above for flatties. Now i know people will say search previous forums, but I'm after something relatively stiff in the tip section. I used to have a shimano stimulus I think it was rated 10-17lb and it was perfect. Sadly it is no longer with me, hence a replacement. Anyone have any suggestions? Budget less than $200.

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The rod I use for flatties is a Shimano Starlo Classix 2-5kg 7' .. The idea behind it is to be able to hurl 3-5in plastics with 5-10 grams or more weight behind them without flexing the daylights out of the blank. It is stiffer than my Sonic Pro 702 1-3kg bream stick but can also be used for finesse fishing (change reel spool out to 4lb braid) and im set to go. Infact the only time I use the 1-3kg rod is for topwater fishing.

If I had to go buy a brand-newie It would be a wilson livefibre spin (so light!!) Rlf32


Raider soft plastic Flathead 610 Spin (2.08m)

Hope this helps.

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