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Dawn middle harbour session


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Working night shift this week and managed to knock off early enough to hit middle harbour for a shore fishing session from bream and flathead on the flats as the tide was peaking an hour or so after sunrise. Took two outfits with me...my 1-3 kilo bream rod with 6lb braid and my 2-4 kilo plastics outfit on 10lb braid.

Got to the spot around 6ish to find tailor busting up everywhere and got into them straight away on the sugerpen.


After a few tailor had been landed the splashes began to look more serious and within moments i was into my first salmon 'off the top'. Took me by surprise on my bream outfit and 6lb...he had all my braid out and nearly kept it!...fortunately managed to get all my backing back and once the braid was back on the reel it was all over for mr.salmon...hooking them over a flat is epic...they only have one way to go and thats away from you as quickly as possible...I swear i saw smoke coming out my little 1000 stradic drag!


Anyway...switched to the heavier outfit as i now realised salmon were about...and i didnt fancy loosing all my braid for good!

The fish had wised up and were busting up consistantly just out of range and would only move within range in lightning fast raids...if you couldnt get to them fast enough...no fish for you! I was charging up and down the wall like a maniac! Eventually hooked my second...a Sammy 65 doing the damage this time...once i had changed to a different coloured chartreus one...for some reason they were following my clear sammy but not hitting it...change of colour and BANG i am on almost first cast...weird.


The action then dried up so i headed home...on the way back home i drove past a little park in neutral bay...i couldnt resist a little bash for a flattie as the spot looked good for it...i stick a little plastic on my bream rod and within ten minutes i feel a little tap as the motor oil 2.5 " zman grub drops back to the seabed...instant strike and ON...only small but fun none the less...especially within walking distance of my house in north sydney.


Saw a big school of blackfish mooching about but couldnt get them interested in a plastic...nor the whiting that were there...shame.

Anyway...bed time for me i'm knackered!

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