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Iron cove bay flatties


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G' day raiders

Today I met Adam down at the canal for another flattie fish and joined by Seamus a bit later

Adam got there way before me and got lots of hits but nothing

We moved around the bay to UTS but nothing so we went to the other canal. After a few casts I was onto a nice flattie. Bought it to the bank and then snap, it was off. A nice approx. 45cm one to. Anyway, moved on and then Adam hooked a nice flattie of about 40m and lost it to at the bank

We then then joined by Seamus and the next event wasn't personally my favourite of the day. Adam stuffed up his cast and the lure came half off the jig head and it was low tide and he got a tangle so I decided to step down and fix up his lure. I then slip... With my rod in my hand

Yesterday I stacked it and damaged my reel an said I would of rather got hurt than my reel and that's what happened. As I tripped, I cut my hand badly, got so dirty with all the mud and knocked my head pretty bad but I'm fine. Adam almost new it was going to happen cause he was prepared. Tissues to wipe the blood, water to wash it, that little dettol hand wash thing which stung so much but Seamus says " is your rod and reel ok" and "at least you didn't forget how to fish"

Oh Seamus. Lol

Anyway, after that Seamus gets a little 30ish cm flattie. Then I pull in a nice flattie of 43cm which took away the pain.


Then after that, Adam lost a GOOD fish. Big flattie

We then moved up and around to Le' montage and Adam lost yet another flattie. We then went back to the canal but got nothing and then left

Poor Adam lost three reasonable fish but very well done on your persistence mate and thanks heaps for helping when I tripped

Cheers thefisherman6784

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Cheers mate, that was a painful-sounding fall- I was worried we were going to have to ring 000 when I saw you slip and hit your head near those oysters!!! ;) Hope your hand's okay. Total kudos to you for soldiering on afterwards, I know a lot of folk who would've called it a day after that.

Thanks so much for trying to get down and fix the lure, for the shot on your rod and for fixing that big tangle on my line towards the end there- you're a true gentleman. Cheers to Seamus too for the advice about rods and reels- think I'm settled on a 2 piece Pinster, but need tot hink a bit about reels.

So first time I was out with you guys I got nothing, second time I hooked a load of fish but failed to land any, I reckon third time round we're due a metre-long king fish, right?

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Mate I went to check it out today, I was working around the corner.

Would have been 12.30,

I wanted to see round 2 of Gunfight at OK Canal.

Must have just missed you guys.

Keep your wounds clean and use Elastoplast with EDP powder.

Sorry I missed you guys, I need some tips.



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Went for another quick flick down there again this afternoon and FINALLY got one of the little blighters not far from Le Montage. He must have been pretty hungry cos he almost hooked himself through the eye and spat out some fry when I got him up onto the side. Managed to get the hook out and he seemed to swim off okay afterwards. Happy to finally break my SP duck around there. Cheers again for yesterday guys.

Here's the little chap:


And here's what he spat out:


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Went down myself today lost more lures than caught fish

Got there at 1pm fished the start of the run out until 4pm

I got one little 39cm flatty and that was it other than a few dropped hook ups. Sorry no pic

I lost one blade to a bridge one plastic to a massive tree and two to the bottom

Cheers sydneyfisher12

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