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Juggling kittens, fish and flu.


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A week or so ago my wife brought home 2 new foster kittens.


Then last week she brought home the flu.

She is working this weekend so I had kitten duty. Feeding every 3 hours.

After the 10 o'clock feed I packed the gear and back to the same spot on the north side.

I arrived just around high tide, with the wind blowing straight in from the south.

After lugging all my stuff from the car I had to give it a go anyway.

Got the berley going, and started getting some tentative downs. The float would drop for a second

or two and bob back up. I tried striking, but not getting any hookup.

It continued like this for an hour, really frustrating. The cool southerly was chilling me and making

my nose run. Finally I got a solid hookup,only to pull the hook after a short fight.

The bites kept coming and I did manage to get a couple, including my smallest yet.


Packed it in at 12.30 and home for the 1 o'clock feeding.


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Nice effort in utilising time slots to do a bit of local fishing. These blackfish bite like no tomorrows some days, then on other days they just crop the bait, frustrating hey. This heightens the challenge.

I sometimes shorten the trace or put on a lighter trace or put a tiny split shot 100mm from hook , decrease the size of bait, change my depth, and as a last resort put on a smaller hook . I am willing to do anything to outsmart these fish. Especially when you hook into a fish they are usually a good size fish in the Harbour..

Also, now is the time to blood those kittens on blackfish fillets.


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Thanks guys.

Witha I probably won't get a pass, it's coming into kitten season, and my Lady can't leave them lonely.

I only wish that I had the weekends with the right time tide.haha

We've done 13 in the last 12 months. Some lucky kitten and new owners.

Howsy, I tried a few things but didnt have much time. I changed depth and bait size.

They had the better of me, I didn't think of weight or leaders, not that advanced.

The good word is probably a lot of small fish, but a few good ones mixed in.

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