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Pre Opening Recon


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With the Trout season looming on the horizon I decided to head up to the Snowies and joing Dad in a bit of a wander along some of the rivers to see if any fish were running. Of course, some casts would be had into the Lakes to get the bugs out of the system and maybe get a fish or two for the smoker.

On the Saturday we headed up to the Thredbo River and had a wander downstream from the road bridge. A few Rainbows were holding position or moving up to spawn but not great numbers. To find out a bit more we headed up to The Diggings further up the system, but it was a bit devoid of life.

On the way back down we stopped into Wollondibby Inlet to spend an hour throwing lures and flies around. It was middle of the day and we weren't expecting much (apart from me donating some flies to thistles, bit out of practise!) but Dad made the short session worth while banking a nice 1kg Brown that hammered his Vibrax.


After leaving Jindabyne we drove around to the Eucumbene starting at Kiandra but the Euc was a little high and milky so didn't spot much. Denisons was the same, so it was hard to guage if there was Rainbows running or not. Gang Gang creek had some Rainbows holding station near the road but Lucas Creek had nothing in it.

To finish off the day we stopped in at Yens Bay to fish the evening. We had heard from Mick at Alpine Angler that there was fish rising on dark and I was keen to see if this was true. A SW wind was making life tough though and no fish showed until the last 15 minutes of light when the wind dropped and sure enough, Trout started rising, to what I have no idea as nothing was visible. I tried nearly everything in Fly arsenal and Dad persisted with lures but we were defeated. Very frustrating!

Next morning instead of our initial plan of taking a look at some of the other rivers we ended up driving back to Jindabyne and Wollondibby Inlet to spend a few hours doing something we hadn't done in almost 15 years, soak worms! Another young chap fished near us and he scored a prime Brown of 3.2kg on a Worm, magnificient fish that had him shaking for the next 30 minutes! Dad got an OK Rainbow on a worm and managed a procession of sub 20cm Rainbows on fast stripped Copper Johns. A nice way to spend the morning.


So my gut feeling is that the Rainbows have aready spawned and are back in the lakes. I didn't see enough in the Thredbo to say otherwise. Hopefully some will be around on opening day!



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