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North Harbour


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Plenty of bait starting to show up in North Harbour.

Flatties are starting to pick up the pace.. Have been having success on small soft plastic minnows.

Also catching salmon using a clear plastic bobber filled with a bit of water and little whitebait fly, this seems to work when all other lures fail, specially this early in the season.

Usually throw em back but this one is making tacos...

Try the runout tide in the shallows I find they are just sitting there heads against the tide waiting for bait to pass.


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Cracking lizard mate

Sure he'll make a great feed

What size did he go?

Well done on the salmon to

They have been pretty finicky at the moment but are slowly moving into the harbour

They took there time though but there not as finicky in the harbour

Cheers thefisherman6784

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