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First Bass for the season


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G'day Raiders,

Me and the young bloke have been stinging for the Bass to return to the Hunter River where we live. With the school holidays coinciding with some time off work for me, it was our chance to try and get our first for the season and man was it harder work than I thought it'd be.

3 early mornings in a row resulted in zero fish with only 4 strikes and one lost fish. We tried everything.....deep divers, spinnerbaits, celtas, surface lures and even a few worms. I tried all the gun lures I own but the only lure that attracted any attention was a cheap Rogue popper with a white back and an orange underside, wth?

After no success, I decided to change spots this morning. Once again it was very quiet and just as I was about to give up I had "one more cast", it was a beauty into heavy cover hard against the bank under the willows with a Sammy 65 in MS MJ Herring. With the slightest of takes I was on to my first Bass of the season and one I had to work very hard for.

After a good little tussle up came a very fat 31cm fish, much darker in colour than anything I caught last season. It's great to get the first one out of the way!





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