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Lake jindabyne donut

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Hey guys

Me and my family went for a holiday to thredbo from the 30th of September and got back today (6th of October), we left thredbo on Sunday morning and spent a night in jindabyne so I can fish.

Got to jindabyne and while the family went to get something to eat, I grabbed my rods (daiwa gen black and fly rod) and my backpack with gear and I walked down the road to the caravan/cabin waterfront.

It was very windy, about 25knots which made it really hard to cast a 4gram hardbody. It came back at me every time. In six casts, it produced in three really bad wind knots, to cast landing about a metre or two in front and the other about 6 metres. Didn't even bother with the fly so I moved around were it was a bit more protected. Then I changed to a pink 7gram tassie devel. Long story short, got none that time but found some powerbait trout bait and those powerbait salmon eggs in both spots which told me that people were using that.

We then went to the trout hatchery at 12 and wanted to go around for a look. I walked about 2 metres to see an 80cm brown trout in the pond in front of me. Further down the stream there I saw guys fishing so I grabbed my fly rod and headed down. When I got there a guy hooked a big rainbow which he lost at the bank. I got nothing then either so we went back to the trout farm and did a self family tour which was a video then feed some monster trout.

These trout were HUGE!!!

The lady told us that the biggest trout in there is over 1m and over 10kg. I couldn't believe it, it was amazing.

Some of these trout were rounder than a football, ranging from 30cm minimum to 1m+.

Anyway, back to fishing, on the way home, we bought a little pack of power bait and I went out the front of the hotel for a fish before the NRL final. Got none on the power bait and none on the fly but this trolling boat about 10metres in front of me got a double hook up, did another pass, got another one then another.

Just wasn't my day.

Got back to the hotel for the game. It was a great game.

I then got back from the pub and saw a PM reply from Seamus telling me that it's really good to go for trout at night

I replied, na just got back from the pub after the game or something like that.

The next morning I went down to wollondibby as I read another raider got a fish there. I set out my rod with a power bait and started working the fly. Then a guy started talking to my dad, he said he had been camping there for two nights and got a few fish. He said the only time he got fish was at night. Noooooo!!!

I should of gone and listened to Seamus

Anyway, didn't get anything again which ment no fish for the trip but it was fun trying to teach dad how to fly fish. Not to easy to teach him though. Still fun and a great trip.

Thanks to everyone that helped and gave me advice

Much appreciated

Cheers thefisherman6784

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