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First crack at SP's - Eastern Suburbs


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So i recently bought a little 1-3kg outfit, loaded with some 3lb powerpro with the intention of moving into lure fishing in the warmer months (especially now i can fit in a flick after work with the sun up!)

Not all went to plan, first time out i spent a few hours flicking a little 35mm vibe along rose bay from the ferry wharf all the way up to point piper. Did manage a little leather jacket but wasn't exactly what i was targeting..

A few days after i went to a mates place who lives on the water (Parsley Bay area) to have another go, but this time brought some bait as well. Was a mid afternoon high tide and looked promising.

After a half hour or so of flicking a z-man grub around i decided it was time to burley up some bread and get some bait in the water. Not long after i brought up a nice little pinkie snapper which just so happened to have a 70cm+ kingie following it. By the time i unhooked him and threw out an unweighted pillie cube he had vanished. Oh well.

Starting seeing some bust ups within casting distance so hurled out another pillie cube which got hammered as soon as it touched the water, my other mate (an inexperienced one at that) had a line out to the left of me, and by the time i got him to start bringing his line back in i got wrapped around his and PING! bummer. Salmon i think, good one too.

Quietened down a touch so thought i would throw out a cube and roll a smoke, Big mistake. Put my rod down in a fairly precarious position, and grabbed my pouch only for me to catch out of the corner of my eye another sambo come and hammer it off the surface, in go's my brand new t-curve rod, pflueger 2000xs reel and a whole spool of braid with it. To make matters worse as i went to reach for it i also knocked in a whole new spool of 6lb FC Rock which sunk to the depths not be seen again.


Down but not defeated, i ordered another little setup online which arrived yesterday. A stradic 1000 and nano XT 1-4kg stick.

Got home from work around 5, set it up with some more power pro and off i went up to rose bay sand flats for the last of the incoming tide.

No bait this time, just my little collection of lures - mainly sticking with the Grubz. After a half hour playing around trying to refine my technique a bit i finally got a hit! No hook up, but promising none the less. I had some serious sized mullet jumping around me which proved a bit of a distraction as i knew they wouldn't have a bar of my SP. Kept casting and finally hooked up! felt some good weight and then line went slack, wasnt quite sure what happened so reeled in and realised he had swam straight at me but mustn't have set the hook properly and as soon as i felt the weight again he was off.

Sun was nearly down by now and i was getting slightly disheartened so as i was about to pack up i reeled in a cast quickly and had a tailor come and chomp it. Cut straight through my 6lb leader, tied another one on and same thing so called it a day.

Certainly promising, starting to get the hang of it. I think around the rose bay area i'm better off fishing the run out on the sand flats but i will keep trying til i figure out what works... will surely get one soon.

Sorry for the essay - tight lines!

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Guest no one

Man... 2 reels and a rod gone? Unlucky bro!

Like you I'm now experimenting with plastics and flicking a couple of nights a week... sounds like you're having more luck than me though! Keep at it!

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Not long ago me and my friend the fisherman6784 caught some kings and salmon in parsley bay on our boat one we got on a small 3 inch minnow and a salmon on a downrigged live yakka under bust ups so that's definitely a great spot

Keep persisting and you will get rewards soon

Cheers sydneyfisher12

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thanks bud, yeah the place was right out on the far left point (crazy house) and just looked super fishy. wasn't quite prepared for it otherwise would have brought my live baiting rod with me. had another little go this afternoon at rose bay again. little pinkie on a new vibe and a tailor on a bloodworm wriggler. getting the hang of things! another lovely gentleman was their fly fishing and gave me a little home made fly of his. if you're reading this Joe i really appreciate it!

til next time...

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Hey mate, Sorry to hear about you losing the tackle, but good that you've had a few promising sessions.

I'm no expert, but a raider called Victorski gave me some advice about fishing the flats at Rose Bay a few months ago- basically you have a deeper channel running perpendiular to the beach where the storm drain is next to the block of units that faces directly onto the sand. You can wade it at low tide and see exactly where the drop offs are (there's one on the left hand side just after the boating club about 40 metres out- look for a yellow buoy). I've tried it a couple of times and haven't had much luck as it gets pretty shallow at low tide and I'm a bit of a newb with the SPs, but I think another raider was out there a few weeks back and got a few flatties along the weedbeds.

Just be warned if you do wade out, I've been told you get rays lying in the sand there.

Good luck and I might see you down there one day, I've seen that fly fishing chap you mentioned a few times before but never talked to him.

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Yeah there is a distinct colour change from sand to silt/weed with bit of a drop off just before the moorings on the far left. that's where i was working along. saw tons of stingrays and a little numb ray too - had shoes on though. hopefully catch you down there soon! will be going most weeknights i think with non-daylight savings straight after work so if you see me come say hi for sure.

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That report mentions everything but soft plastic mate! :) :) :) I'm going to give you a precious tip if you want to catch more fishes on plastics, leave the blade in the tackle box and the cubes in the freezer ;) OK I'm only joking, good luck in your new challenge! There are plenty of fishes to be caught on plastics for sure!

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