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Newport and Palm Beach Produce the Goods

joking fish

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I fished Newport and Palm Beach in Pittwater yesterday on a glorious Spring afternoon. My brother Dean aka "The Prince of Darkness" tagged along, eager to do some fishing on his day off work. He casted spells into the water all afternoon and conjured up an Australian Salmon that went 54cm and a big Shovel Nose Ray. All I could muster was a 31cm Bream. At 5pm he left to teach guitar lesson to the "little dude" in Kilarni Heights. Things went quiet so I fished the rest of the afternoon at Palm Beach by myself. Here I caught a 54cm Flathead and a 34cm Bream. The Bream gave me all kinds of hell and went straight for the pylons. After much anguish I managed to drag him out and land him on the jetty. This Bream was bloated from burley and bait and extremely well conditioned. I thought to myself if he caused me that much grief he deserves to live so like the 31cm model I caught earlier he went back. Live and let live. I kept the Flathead and the Salmon but let all other fish that day go back. It was another day of brilliant land based fishing and my brother enjoyed it too. More often than not the Northern Beaches produce the goods.





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