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Golden Perch on the Fly


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Hey Raiders,

I'm planning a trip chasing the fabled Yella Belly soon, and wanted your thoughts on the gear I will be targeting them with.

From what I hear, people seem to recommend a good 8wt outfit.

From the bit of research I've done online, I've seen several articles/videos where people are using 2-4kg bream gear, and also 1-3kg gear.

Based on this, and as I'm not in a position to get an 8wt combo at present, I was going to use my Sage One 6wt outfit.

Do you think this is too undergunned?

The flies I have tied are all unweighted, size 4 long shank, and will be fished on an intermediate line. I should be able to cast these no worries. I was going to use 10lb straight flouro tippet.

Any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Cheers, Chris

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