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Sydney Harbour - Trevally and Salmon


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hi raiders

today we headed out on sydney harbour

we got to drummoyne at 8:30am and headed out

there was a bust up at near cookatoo island i hooked up bust lost it when it jumped :ranting2:

we moved on we got to the heads and is was so clam so we headed over to the colours reef tried jigging but got nothing

we then moved to north head to chase salmon. there were about 10 boats on the point but i dont know what they were fishing for

i moved around to blue fish point and found a good bust up i hooked up on a BIG salmon saw the back of my spool it took some massive runs but broke the 6lb leader when it jumped

i quickly hooked up again and this one i landed after a good fight

i then got a nice trevally and lost another 2 big ones one pulled the hooks and one busted the 4lb braid

then i got a really fat one after a one of the longest fight ive had on a salmon

the lure i used was a powerbait 3inch minnow in smelt on a 1/8th jig head and 4lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader. there were about 10 other boats fishing the bust up but they were getting any because they were using metals.

the bust ups slowed there was one at old mans hat but they would not take anything so we moved to watsons

we got there and got a few pinkies and then i was bring up my bait rod and whoof it was a king but it wouldn't take any baits i threw at it i got a yakka and put it on but i would just nose it and play with it. it was only small about 50cm. it then spooked

i got back to fishing and hooked a nice trev as i was bringing it up i heard something going on at the back of the boat and it was playing with the yakka again i got a nice 37cm trev but the king was just teasing me :mad3: .

anyway i got some just under legal snapper and another just legal trev i then left

we were looking for bust ups on the way home but there were none so we headed home

a couple of boats at the ramp got some nice fish bottom bashing

not a bad day salmon are always fun but cant wait for the kingys

cheers sydneyfisher12 :fishing1:


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Nice job mate

How big and heavy were the salmon, they sound like they were big, greedy and fun

If I was there, I would of got that kingy ;)

Anyway, well done mate

There great fish and would have been heaps of fun

Cheers thefisherman6784

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the salmon were both about 55cm and about 2kg

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