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Anyone have a Jackson Cuda 12 - Northern Beaches Sydney

wise one

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Hi all

I'm seriously looking at getting a Jackson Cuda 12.

I've done lots of online research and am pretty happy that this is the craft for me, however it will be my first fishing kayak and so I would love to see one and maybe even have a quick paddle in one before committing my hard earned via an internet purchase or specific order with a dealer (I've not been able to find a dealer with one in Sydney!)

So I was hoping that maybe a fellow Raider might have one and I could arrange to meet them on one of their fishing trips so I could have a look at the craft and maybe even have a quick go in it....

I live in Manly Vale so would ideally be looking at Pittwater, Manly, Middle Harbour, Manly Dam, Narrabeen Lake etc.

I like the look of the Cuda 12 because:

  • Its (relatively) small and so I should be able to handle myself and cartop
  • It has a great seat
  • It has great rod holders and other fishing features
  • Its a paddle yak (I need to do some exercise on the top half of the body!)

If you can help out, please PM me.

Thanks in advance

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Horizon line canoes is where i got mine from, good boat, its right at the regatta centre in penrith so you can 'try before you buy' on the lake...its what i did...in hind sight however i probably would have gone for a peddle drive option

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Well - did the long drive out to Penrith yesterday and ordered a Cuda 12.

Horizonline were great - I trialled the Cuda 12 on the lake there and it lived up to expectations.

So - will get it delivered this week and be out on Manly Dam (nice calm water to start with!) this weekend.

Cheers for the advice.

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Well here is my new toy:

Jackson Cuda 12

Took her out yesterday for a "shake down" paddle on Manly Dam. Very impressed - easy to paddle, exceptionally comfortable seat (with inflatable lumbar support) and very stable.

A bit more practice and I will add a rod and see if I can catch some of the bass in the dam!

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