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Lemon Tree Passage


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Just got back from 4 fruitless days of wading the flats searching for flathead. I tried various stages of the tide and quite a few different plastics but no luck. The other shore based anglers I spoke to also had no luck. Apparently they've had a few big storms in recent months that scoured the river bed and dumped the sand up on the beaches. The result is lots of weed close-in that fouls lures. I could see guys out in tinnies in the channel with rods bending double so there are clearly good fish to be had, just not with plastics from the shore.

In desperation I drove up to Karuah for a session off the jetty and managed a couple of flatties in a short time, so all was not lost.

Tillagery creek looks like flathead heaven so hopefully it'll return to its former glory.

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