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Under Spooled Reel? - Advice on new mono mainline


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Hi Raiders,

With my birthday just passing a few family members have said "no idea what to get you, here's some cash buy some new fishing gear"... WINNING! :banana:

I think I have under-spooled my Okuma bait feeder which I've been using off the beach.. Could this be affecting my casting distance?

I stupidly didn't follow the guidelines on the spool and it looks like there's 8mm or so of gap between the line and upper lip of the spool...

I'm going to re-spool it with some new 20lb mono. Any brand suggestions guys? The Okuma Travertine 65 is attached to my Ugly Stik beach rod.. Hoping for sambo or a Jew if the stars ever align.

Thanks in advance for your advice!



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At 3/3 it looks like I'm off to find some Platypus Super..

So I'm estimating that I've got about 250-300m on the spool and at 20lb it should have 350m on it.. I think for the sake of me knowing I'm set up correctly I will get some new line...

Will probably get the LFS to spool it for me..

Thanks for the quick feedback guys!!

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Remember that the Super 100 is a very fine line so you will need a lot more of it than a normal thickness

20lb line. Be guided by the diammeter (it's about normal 12lb line diammeter), Being so fine i have found

it's knot strenght is not that great. You can get arounf this by tying a bimini twist double first and then using

your normal knots for joins.

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