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Double Bay 17/10/14


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Hey Raiders,

My 2-5 kg cheapo spin rod that I first bought when I came to Australia and didn't have a clue about fishing is soon to be retired from service as my main stick when I (finally!) get my new 1-3 kg Velocity in the next few days. Thought I'd give Old Faithful a farewell with a bounce around Double Bay.

It was a bit windy, but she managed to get me a pinkie on my first cast with a bloodworm wriggler on a 1/8th jighead (what is it with those fish literally annihilating themselves for a bite of plastic?!) Then after half an hour or so a trevally that came in at about 30 cm. After that it went a bit quiet til she managed a small tailor.

post-33473-0-47361500-1413536931_thumb.jpg post-33473-0-83527900-1413536960_thumb.jpg

All in all, not a bad session to say cheerio.

Thanks for reading,


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Cheers mate!

At the moment the freams or the stradic in 2000. I'm not really sure- I've got a budget of about $200-250 for the reel. Rather not go up much more than that cos I'll have to buy braid and maybe a new spool of fluorocarbon too. Need to wait about a week for the next pay cheque til I buy it though!

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