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gday raiders

today me and my dad decided to go up to pittwater and try and get some kings

we arrived very late at 9am and headed out to find live bait

we saw a bust up but they went down very quickly

we then saw a group of boats on the eastern side of scotland island all downrigging i marked the spot and headed out to collect live bait

there was a small bust up of small tailor on the way but we soon made it to west head

my dad went for yakkas and i went for squid

i quickly pulled 3 nice sized calamari all on a 2.2 yamashita in brown but my dad only got one yakka we moved around the corner to try and find yakkas but there were only sweep

we moved back to the spot and i sent down the first live squid on the downrigger i was using 50lb braid and 60lb mono leader. there were about 5 other boats downrigging there was one boat handing over a good sized fish to his mate and he hooked up but lost it.

about 20mins went by and nothing i then got a hit i'm on got two winds and it pulled the hooks it was a king first squid gone

put down another one and soon hooked up again but it just took the bait and didn't hook up :ranting2: i was only using a single 7/0 live bait hook and i should of been using a 2 hook rig. second squid gone

i sent down my last squid but it was much bigger and i also used a yakka on a heavy sinker but they just went off the bite. we tried the other side of the island but got nothing.

we decided to have a bottom bash off pittwater we went to 35m and used squid and pillies but all we got were little flathead 30cm was the biggest

we moved back in and tried for squid again but got none so moved back to the spot and anchored up

there was another boat right on the spot and they got two kings but we got none so we headed in there were a few bust ups of what looked like salmon but we didn't have time

there were a few boats at the ramp that had kings

tips to people heading out

1. get there early from what i heard there was a hot bite earlier

2. use live squid it was apparently all that worked

3. dont get distracted by bust ups they take too much time

good luck to others heading out

i think ill go back next week end much earlier because there are kings there and most are legal

cheers sydneyfisher12 :fishing1:

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Bad luck on the kings mate

Would of been good to get a few but that's fishing I guess

I would of personally change to a snell but if the bite was only in a certain time frame then probably wouldn't bother

Better luck next weekend

Might just be able to make it

Cheers thefisherman6784

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Oh mate! Must of been right near you guys, I was Downrigging the barges around 8 am too. We got up at 6 to west head to get slimeys and stayed out on the water until 4 today.. No luck today still chasing my first kingie but it makes me feel better that only squid were going off because that's the only thing we couldn't get haha

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3. dont get distracted by bust ups they take too much time

This is a good tip mate, I concur, unless you see all the boats around the bustup actually hooking nice fish, 7 or 8 boats and I wasted a good 30-40 mins chasing a bustup around the harbour yesterday, turned out they were just small tailor, I only saw 3 caught, one was mine and it was only around 25cm...

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You need to be getting there much earlier, you really want to be downrigging your squid on first light like 6 630am. Most of is guys who downrig the harbour and consistently catch kings are almost ready to pack up and go home by 9 or have caught out fish and are anchored over a wreck somewhere relxing. Not saying you can't catch them past 9am but you dramatically increase your chances being there nice and early.

Try using a 2 hook rig with 6/0 non offset hooks. Use a lumo bead from the tackle shop the hold the sliding hook don't tie a snell knot. This way it allows you to adjust the rig according to the size of the squid

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