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Forster Tuncurry Prawning


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Hi Everyone,

I am heading up to Wallis Lake this week and just got myself a 6m prawn drag net and thought I would get some practice in with the old man in anticipation of some xmas prawns this year. Now we have never prawned in our lives, but have heard a drag net is the way to go on a dark night (new moon) and run out tide so later this week seems ideal for some practice. Can anyone shed some light on:

  1. Are we likely to get any prawns this time of year?
  2. Any recommended spots to try with the drag net?
  3. Any hints or tricks that have helped you in the past locate prawns or catch them?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Here is a link to the Recreation fishing guide for Wallis Lake.


The way that I read it is that you cant use your 6m haul net at the entrance to the lake but scoop nets are OK

Check with the local bait shop to be on the safe side.



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Thanks for the help guys. BalmainBob thanks for the link, I think you are right no use of hand hauled net at the entrance of lake and within the keys and will double check with the locals when I arrive. I did see on the RMS map of Wallis Lake a few things called prawn pegs, no idea what they are but they are marked!

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