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Now I'm confused! Which transducer?


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So now I'm really confused.... As per a previous post, I snapped my transducer form the Lowrance HDS 5. I thought it would be simple to replace, anyhow my question is which transducer to buy??? Lowrance recommended the 83/200 based on my fishing mainly rivers and a few km offshore - mainly Port Hacking/Botany Bay/ off Ulladulla. (I have a Quintrex 475 Coastrunner.) But, reading on the internet, a lot of posts recommend the 50/200 which is better in deeper water. Any 'layman's terms' advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Thanks for this, I've had a few 'more experienced than me' look at it and they all agree that any gluing etc would only be a temporary fix and best to get a new one. Thanks again!

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Hi, I agree with the people who made your sounder-if you are doing that work the 83/200 is better in those depths and also cheaper. If you really wanted the best added sonar hub and CHIRP with give even better details, but dearer than either the ones you mentioned. From that picture I would try to fix it-I have fixed worse (again from the picture) and as i said you really have nothing to lose to try and fix it, but if you want to buy a new one-+1 to what Navico said.

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