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Lizards awakening


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I have had two trips chasing lizards on lures in Botany Bay recently. Before the rain I managed 5 in a four hour session, dropping at least that many again in the process. Biggest was 48 cm (x2).

Yesterday I ventured out again, starting very early and fishing some shallow areas on the last of the run-up and first of the runout before going a bit deeper. I landed 11 fish but worked hard for them, persisting until 12.30pm. Most were on the small side (36-42). I kept 6 for a few feeds. I routinely release any under 40cm, but there was a 48, a 53 and a 59 among them.

The water has cleared well after the big rains but had dropped from 21.5 degrees to 18.5 over the ten day time interval between trips.

Seems like a slow start to the lizard luring season. Anyone else been chasing them?


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