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Jundy 18th & 19th of October


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fished (pretty lazily to be honest) the thredbo for only one 3lb rainbow for the group over the weekend, saw a few more fish but missed them, river was up and my skills rusty, as im sure i missed 3 or 4 takes on sat morning.

fish glow bug and nymph, with fish falling to the bug, though other were eating nymphs we were told

was a termite hatch in the lake on sat evening when we were at a mates place in Kalkite but were to lazy and full to bother going down we watched from the balcony, more termites sunday evening on the jindy side buy hardly a rise... funny place that lake

great weekend, went with my mate, dad, and brother who owns the home brew brew shop in kambah ACT and his mates so we had kegs of good beer cold from the taps so was a great weekend anyhow despite the lack of fish to hand.

noticed that the trout farm must feed fish in the river next to it, throw a handful of small gravel in and the fish go nuts, like piranhas, no wonder most of the fish hang there in the exclusion zone where you cant fish for them. http://youtu.be/Ym6UO0IlLuQ

good looking river one day i'll fish its seriously ;-)




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Good work Jimmy, next time hey Mate.

I was up at Jindy over the long weekend with my wife.

We didn't fish much...We did a couple of hours each evening on the lake.

I managed to hook a very small Rainbow on the last evening, but it shook the plastic.

She can be tough Jindy I think. It's the sort of place you need to fish regularly to nut out the right spots and times when the fish are around.

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Jimmy.

Those trout were firing up for the gravel burley lol!

Now youve got that out of your system might be time for a crack at some gold!

great place to spend a few days regardless of the fishing, especially with kegged home brews. nice one!

Should be some good trouting coming up soon, theyll be starting to look up now probably.

Bring on the beetles, love it.

All the best.


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