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Pulpit Pt bream


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It's always encouraging to catch the species you're targeting. 2 legal bream this morning from 6.30 to 7am. Both around the 26cm mark on 1/16 ounce TT jig heads with motor oil Zman grubz, casting out towards the moorings. Released for future sport of course. I usually try for flathead shorebased but I've been having trouble with lures fouled with weed so I'm going to try the TT snake-head weedless jig heads and report back.

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Thanks guys.

Tried out the weedless jig head at Hen and Chicken bay, wading the shallows to the right of the jetty. Picked up a nice bream at 32cm in a spot where previously I would have been fouled on retrieve so I'm pretty happy. They're tricky to bait up with the plastics and I found it easier to mark the body at entry and exit points and superglued the front to the lead. Worked ok in the end.

Rodd point at low tide next which will be a good test.



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