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Last two outings

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Hey guys

Just gonna be a quick report

Outing 1:

Went to the canal and surroundings for a 4 hour session

Managed one flatty about 35ish

Nothing else that day, very slow day but heaps of baitfish

Outing 2:

Went to the canal for a flick after school today, a last second decision

So hot and a fish less :(

So much tiny mullet, baitfish, bream, you name it, nothing would take a lure in the canal, tried about 5.

Then moved to Le Montage to try there

Managed a tailor on a metal, then changed to a surface lure and first cast, bam, a tailor comes up a smashes it but misses, came back 4 times!

Next cast, no joke, jumped about a foot out of the air. Absolutely AMAZING!

Didn't get him though but I don't care, awesome to see

Do you guys think that the flatties die down when the water/weather starts to warm up?

Cheers thefisherman6784

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