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3 Hour Blackfishing Session at Chiswick Today

Ron Howes

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Arrived at Chiswick Wharf around 9.00 am an hour off high tide. First throw out I get a down and thought it was ferry wash dragging me under. Retrieved and found I was baited. The fish were on as I started landing fish without even burleying. After 3 hrs I had 7 in keeper and had dropped 4 where I could not lift them out of the kelp. These were big fish that would not come off the bottom and charged into kelp beds determined to escape.

I had family plans for the afternoon and packed up at 12.00 pm with fish still biting.

I was using some beautiful Botany weed collected from the upper parts of creeks running into the bay.

One of my New Zealand friends asked me for a feed of blackfish so I bled and cleaned a couple to take home and the big females were full of yellow roe.

I now feel guilty in not releasing these fish.





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He is not called the black-fish whisper for nothing. I use same weed, same spot and same float but he catches twice as many fish as I do. Life is not fair

Well done Howsy, ill be there next time


The blackfish whisperer.... I like it
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