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Funding from the Recreational Fishing Trusts


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Hi Guys and Girls,

Take a look at this if you haven't seen it yet.


I believe that it was announced yesterday that DPI would be taking application from organisations, groups and individuals who would like to start a project to benifit NSW's fisheries.

I was just wondering if anyone has applied for this in the past and how their experience was.

Just imagine if even 5 people applied and were approved to put a FAD offshore. It would be a huge benefit to a lot of fishermen, especially in heavily fished areas like Sydney. Of course the locations of FAD's that were funded would have to be made public.

Without actually looking into any costs of equipment involved I can imagine that it could be done quite cheaply. And what about making it even better than whats out there now. Using 3 buoys connected together by 5m lengths of rope with teasers or flashers inbetween.

And as a larger project I also imagine that a keen fisherman with the right skill set could build or have built an artificial reef that if approved by DPI could be dropped offshore.

Imagine even 3 more artificial reefs dropped in off Sydney. This would create more habitat for certain species and therefore support an increased population.

'No habitat, No Little Fish; No Little Fish, No Big Fish' - Taken from the Fish Habitat Network website

Similar programs have been run before although I have not really looked into them. So just wondering if anyone else has and what has been their experience.

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