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sow and pigs on a monday


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met my buddy at first light this morning at camp cove. took the yaks out to sow and pigs and the bite was hot. fishing the top of the run out we both hooked into some good trevs going from 20 to 35. the trevs went off the bite but soon after we hooked some good bream up to 37.

paddled to middle head and scored some yakkas that went out to no takers. back on the south side lady jAne beach offered nothing.

a nice bag each to finish the daypost-34513-0-57265300-1414992519_thumb.jpgpost-34513-0-82607000-1414992675_thumb.jpgpost-34513-0-15580600-1414992733_thumb.jpg

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Great mornings catch!

How do you go with paddling across the harbour with all the boat traffic? Also, do you anchor your kayak when fishing Sow and Pigs or do you drift? Just wondering how dangerous it is to fish around those areas with the boat traffic around.

I haven't given it a go yet, but I want to launch my kayak around Watson Bay and have a go at Sow and Pigs

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